Saturday, 8 October 2011

We are now in week 28

It's been too long here. And there are not many followers either 

Anyways, the house is not yet finished!

7 months!!! Yes I could have built and finished an entire house by now!!!

Just don't ask why. We were told to move out for 4 weeks, it ended up as 8 weeks!

We had to move back in as my kids started back at school.

At the moment we are just living upstairs

More to follow

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Theres a lot to say...but i will keep it short

Yes as you can see, bloggering by me has not been possible for a long time now. 

Anyway the reason i couldn't blog gets complicated and laziness has nothing to do with it. 

Firstly my camera was left at my mums house, photos have been a little messed up. 

Secondly i have been mad busy. And now we have moved out! We cant stay there as it is. Looking at about 4 weeks.

today really i could say is the first day in weeks that i have had a little time to breath. so here goes a big photo upload!

new water pipe coming in

new area awaiting floating floor

porch side ready for walls

the other end of the blue pipe

tempo drain and foundation bricks

here comes the concrete floating floor beams

we also sold most of our loft contents. sorry kids x

brickies team arrive again, walls start to emerge

ta daaa!

steel supports are put in my existing kitchen

This has been the most exciting part for me up till now, when the steels went in. Why do i love the steel? 

fine tuning

then the other one at the side

work on the roof starts...yes thats rain!

i sold my much loved fireplace on ebay, 

roof is on...just like magic!

patio is complete....yes...just like that....! patio tiles bought from tile merchant on ebay, they are really nice Raj blend indian sandstone.

i prepare to move out of the house



 that move was last night, i get there the next morning and the kitchen has already vanished.

two hours later it has been completely demolished

out of all that demolition, is the most beautiful these 2 steels.

the emersion of our new space, this has been the next most exciting moment. looking at the two steels.

and for the first time we can see what space we will be getting 

it looks so grand and impressive

my favourite picture

then work starts indoors, floors are lifted. The timber gets taken out.

From the mains on the street to our house we have had a new bigger pipe fitted. This new pipe will ensure a good flow rate into our house, which has been pretty bad. This means we can all flush the loo at the same time as someone showers, and while i'm doing the washing up. (i hope)

no floors

and now no chimneys

hole from the bedroom floor

old toilet room gone

Our new boiler will be housed in its own little house outside. Fully insulated with a pitched roof!

old loo

And this is where we stand on the end of week 14.